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Frequently Asked Questions

We know signing up can be a bit confusing sometimes, and sometimes you need answers. So we have answered the most frequently asked questions for you below. If you do need more help or have another question, feel free to send an email to

How is the club run?

UQ Mountain Club is a UQ Sport affiliated organisation that is run by volunteers. All our activities are planned by the Executive Team, who are voted in once a year at our AGM. The Executive Team are not reimbursed or paid for their involvement in the club. UQMC provides the Executive Team with the proper certification to enable them to do their jobs effectively, such as First Aid, CPR and Vertical Rescue training. It is essential that there are members who give back to the club to maintain our loving UQMC community. This could be by volunteering to be an Executive member, or by simply passing on your climbing/hiking knowledge to new members (newbies!). Without a cycle of giving back and passing on experience, UQMC is not sustainable.

I don’t know anything about climbing, can I still join?

Yes! Joining UQMC is a perfect introduction to climbing. If you have never climbed before, you can register for our two week free trial and have a go at our regular Kangaroo Point climbing nights. These are run weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please note, we do not offer any formal certificates and our volunteers are not outdoor guides.

I don’t have any climbing gear, can I still come?
You sure can. UQMC can provide you with the climbing gear you need, such as a helmet, a harness and climbing shoes. If you are a member, you can pay a deposit and hire the gear free of charge. If you return it in a neat fashion, you get your deposit back. Simple right?

However, if you end up getting super stoked on climbing, we do suggest that you buy your own climbing equipment (harness, shoes, personal safeties, etc). We have some rad sponsors who can give you great discounts on your purchases!

How do I get a Swim Certificate?
You will need to get a UQ Swim Certificate for any UQMC event that involves water (i.e. creek crossings, waterfalls, beaches). UQMC organises sessions at the UQ Aquatic Centre, where you need to swim 400m (8 x 50m) and tread water for 2 minutes. We know this sounds like A LOT, but don’t worry… you don’t have to be fast or swim a particular stroke, just complete the 8 laps of continuous swimming. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive your Swim Certificate, which you then upload to your member portal on the website (My Account / UQ Swim Certification / Upload File). 
Group sessions will be at the end of February/early March and more information will be available about these sessions once the dates have been finalised! 

Individual swim tests can also be under taken throughout the year from 10am-12pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and from 1-2pm on Sundays. Just turn up to the UQ Aquatic Centre during these times and ask to do the test. It's free to do so!

What climbing activities does UQMC run?

UQMC runs top roping on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Kangaroo Point Cliffs every week during the UQ semester. We also run lead-workshops on Thursday nights. The top ropes are set up at 5pm. The climbing itself starts at 6pm and goes until about 8.30pm, and we all pack up by 9pm. 
On weekends, UQMC organises lead and top-rope climbing trips to crags such as Pages Pinnacle, Frog Buttress, Ninderry, and Ngungun. We also run bouldering trips to Toohey Forest and White Rock. During the mid-semester breaks and long weekends, we often run trips to Brooyar, Passchendaele or Townsville. At the end of the second semester, UQMC organises a Blue Mountains trip with over 30 people. 

What hiking trips does UQMC run?

UQMC usually organises hiking trips on the weekend to local national parks in South East Queensland. Hikes include the Mount Warrie Circuit hike or the Mount Cordeaux hike. On long weekends or the semester break, multi-day/overnight trips are organised to Gibraltar Washpools, the Cooloola Great trail or the Albert River circuit. UQMC has hiking packs, cooking equipment, sleeping bags and everything you need for a multi-day hike. If you are a member, you can borrow this equipment by paying a deposit. If you return the gear back in reasonable condition you will be repaid your deposit (so, it’s basically free!).

Does the club do anything else?

Yes! UQMC is a social club as well. Every year, we have a welcome night where we inform new members about the social climbing and hiking customs. We also have an Awards Night at the end of the year. And, UQMC does love slacklining!

I haven’t been camping before, is that a problem?

No, this is not a problem. UQMC members can teach you how to set up a tent and tell you what you should bring. There might not be a shower at the campsite though ;) If you are a member, you can hire a tent, sleeping gear and a gas burner etc for free!No, this is not a problem. UQMC members can teach you how to set up a tent and tell you what you should bring. There might not be a shower at the campsite though ;) If you are a member, you can rent a tent, sleeping gear and a gas burner etc by paying a deposit that you will be repaid when you return the gear.

I am not a UQ student, am I allowed to join?

Yes, you are allowed to join. The only prerequisite is that you are 18 or older and psyched to help out! UQMC is affiliated with UQ Sport, and, therefore, we must have over 50% UQ students, alumni or employees as members within the club. That is all!

I have a little bit of hiking experience, if that enough?

Yes, for the initial stages, that is more than enough! However, if you are interested in an overnight hike, we would like to see you on a few single-day hiking trips - before you go off with a huge backpack which includes a tent, food and sleeping gear for multiple days. Right?

I have another question and I don’t want to email. How can I reach you?

You can find us on Tuesday or Thursday at Kangaroo Point during our top rope nights, or on one of the organised weekend trips. Please see the calendar to find out what is on. 

What is the box?

The Box is a storage container the club rents at the Kangaroo Point cliffs. It's located beside the bathroom near the left-hand-side set of stairs to the top (when facing the cliff). Please see the map below for a more visual representation:

KP Map.jpeg
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