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About UQMC

The UQ Mountain Club (UQMC) is an outdoor sports club, affiliated with UQ Sport. UQMC embraces its members with the spirit of outdoor adventures as well as a great social center. People from all over the globe have been a part of the club and found a special place to meet new people and develop long-lasting friendships (and sometimes something greater). UQMC organises hiking, rock climbing, trail-running, rogaining and many more trips. 


With a passion for exploring the great outdoors, UQMC travels far and wide through the outback and beyond to find special places to climb, hike, drink, swim, laugh and more. It is through this club that a great many can embrace sights and sounds around Brisbane and Australia with a friendly group of good-looking, enthusiastic Brisbaneers. In addition, members of UQMC aim to inspire and teach other keen outdoor enthusiasts to improve their outdoor skills. UQMC has countless experienced members with an Executive Team, certified with Vertical Rescue skills. 

At its core, the club is built around and for its members, whether you prefer scaling walls, having a great social time or hiking through the outback, the UQMC is there for you.

Learn more about the Club History, how to become a member, events and other FAQs

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